Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning in Burnsville, MN

Tiles are a popular choice for installation in many areas of the home as they offer a range of beautiful and practical design choices. The downside of choosing tiles for your home is the hard-to-clean grout that has to accompany it. ServiceMaster of Burnsville offers tile and grout cleaning services in Burnsville, MN to help keep your tiled surfaces shining.

Without regular cleaning, grout can pose negative side-effects for tiled surfaces. Grout is a porous, gritty, glue-like substance that cements your tiles to the floor and fills the cracks between them. Unfortunately, grouts porous surface helps it easily soak up dirt and sediment. Without regular grout cleaning, your tiles can start to look old and the dirt buildup between them will deteriorate your tiles over time.

The tile and grout cleaning process designed by ServiceMaster Clean®will extend the life and beauty of tiled areas, keeping mold and mildew at bay and your home looking its best. These services are ideal for zapping the grime of tiled showers and bathroom floors, dingy patios and pools, and even greasy kitchen backsplashes.

Our home tile and grout cleaning services will always include:

  •  A preliminary inspection of your tiled areas to determine the best cleaning method
  • Dirt and ground-in soil removal with high pressure cleaning that also rinses and extracts excess water
  • Cleaning of corners and baseboards
  • Thorough drying or grout
  • Sealing of grout lines to preserve cleanliness and prevent long term damage (optional)

Contact ServiceMaster of Burnsville today for a comprehensive tile and grout cleaning experience. 


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