Commercial Carpet & Fabric Protection in Burnsville, MN

Carpeted floors in a commercial setting get a lot of traffic, especially in office hallways or community rooms. A high level of wear and tear will quickly decrease your carpets longevity and devalue your investment. With ServiceMaster of Burnsvilles carpet protection services in Burnsville and Eagan, MN, you can get the most out of your companys carpets and prolong their life. 

Our carpet and fabric protection services also treat upholstered furniture to keep your company space professional, clean, and crisp. We can help your interior design investment last as long as possible so your company can maintain an environment that is inviting for both your clients and customers.   

Our carpet and fabric protection services designed by ServiceMaster Clean®will always include: 

  • Evaluation of upholstered and floor surfaces to determine appropriate solutions and application methods
  • Spot testing of solutions to ensure compatibility with solutions and application methods
  • Administration of carpet and upholstery protection
  • Final inspection to ensure complete and quality workmanship 

Contact ServiceMaster of Burnsville today for carpet and fabric protection services to extend your companys carpet and furniture life. 

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